You may notice that our website is changing – FAST!

Carousel: Barney has been playing around with a ‘carousel’ for displaying photos. Please visit our Photo Gallery and click on the latest photo from Oman to see the results of his Herculean labours.

More links: We are now posting up Links – click on Blogs to visit the latest award-winning blog supporting Global.

Networking¬† in English: if you don’t know what’s in our fabby new book, just click here – Networking in English

Student area: There is now a STUDENT AREA. Send your students there to use the Macmillan Online Dictionary, get the URL for the free downloadable version of Adrian Underhill’s Phonemic chart and other¬†stuff which will help them in their learning of¬†English…. To access this area, simply ask your students to go to the Materials¬†for learning page and then click on the blue button. We have just posted a graphics-lite version of Pete’s presentation at Oxford Brookes to students on the Guided Lecture program: Technology and language learning. Enjoy.

Website ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

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