You may notice that our website is changing – FAST!

Carousel: Barney has been playing around with a ‘carousel’ for displaying photos. Please visit our Photo Gallery and click on the latest photo from Oman to see the results of his Herculean labours.

More links: We are now posting up Links – click on Blogs to visit the latest award-winning blog supporting Global.

Networking  in English: if you don’t know what’s in our fabby new book, just click here – Networking in English

Student area: There is now a STUDENT AREA. Send your students there to use the Macmillan Online Dictionary, get the URL for the free downloadable version of Adrian Underhill’s Phonemic chart and other stuff which will help them in their learning of English…. To access this area, simply ask your students to go to the Materials for learning page and then click on the blue button. We have just posted a graphics-lite version of Pete’s presentation at Oxford Brookes to students on the Guided Lecture program: Technology and language learning. Enjoy.

Website ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

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