Nice to be invited to do sessions at the BESIG pre-conference event in Bielefeld later this year.

Just got my copy of the latest BESIG Issues and immediately thumbed to the Learning Technologies page by Barney and myself, as you do. It’s on Business Result Elementary CD-ROM (OUP) and outlines Barney’s first Truman-like steps into the dizzy world of interactive whiteboards…..

Carl Dowse has been updating the BESIG website. Nice. There’s a new Newsletter page and on it, you can now get a back issue of one of our Learning Technologies pages.

In the meantime, Macmillan have recently uploaded the latest business English e-lesson on the iPad. So, print and go! We have just heard from Macmillan that Networking is moving off the shelves faster than Usain Bolt-lightning, so we are well pleased tonight……yippee. Thanks to anyone who has bought it. Looking forward to giving the first presentation on it this weekend in Cologne. Hope my socialising skills are up to it.

BESIG and more…..

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