CALL Dimensions: options and issues in Computer-Assisted Language Learning
M. Levy and G. Stockwell (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates) 2006 ISBN: 9780805856347A

 Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching
J. de Szendeffy (University of Michigan Press) 2005 ISBN: 0472030485

CALL (computer-aided language learning) is a controversial field. There are areas on which professionals agree, such as the importance of the role of technology in language teaching and learning. Equally, there are many areas of disagreement – in what constitutes good material, how such materials can be evaluated, and exactly how new technology can be woven into language courses. Does theory inform practice, and how does practice influence theory? This review examines two works at opposite ends of the spectrum, a book which explores theory and a practical teaching manual.

To read Pete’s complete review, see: ELTJ (English Language Teaching Journal), January 2008 Vol 62 / 1

Reviews: CALL Dimensions and Using computers in Language Teaching

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