I’ve been looking into interactive whiteboards (IWBs) lately. Here in the UK they are very common in state-sector education but not so prevalent in private sector schools. The result for me is that I haven’t had much experience with them compared to Pete.

So, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to persuade the company I work for that IWBs would be an important addition to our classrooms. Here are links to the websites of some of the major manufacturers.

Promethean – a UK company whose educational products can be extended with a range of accessories such as voting handsets.

SMART Technologies – another company which has a very strong presence in the education and training market.

Hitachi – Japanese electronics giant who have a partnership in the UK with Cambridge Unviersity Press.

eBeam – a device which can connect a standard whiteboard to a computerĀ to create an interactive display (see Pete’s earlier posting).

3M – the American technology company produce interactive whiteboards based around eBeam technology.

TeamBoard – another American firm that produces products for both corporate and education market.

Interactive whiteboards
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