A big thanks to everyone who came to the presentations last weekend in Munich and Hamburg – braving the weather!

Here are some of the web-site addresses which were suggested by participants at these sessions:

Search engines

{{link http://vivisimo.com/ Vivisimo}} Returns searches in clusters

{{link http://video.google.co.uk/ Google video}}

{{link http://www.library.umass.edu/reference/dbguides/lexis_nexis.html Lexis Nexis}}


{{link http://www.npr.org/ National Public Radio }}

{{link http://www.breakingnews.com/ Breaking news}}


{{link http://www.phase6.de/phase6/opencms/phase6/index.html Phase 6}}

A few people asked questions in Hamburg, face-to-face or via meta-plan board. I will answer these questions asap on a future posting!

Presentations on Blended Learning – Munich and Hamburg

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