Back from Brighton and BELTE with a stick of Brighton Rock and good memories. I was blown away by some of the graffitti, too!

Thanks to everyone who came to me session – it was great to see so many people!

If you wanted definitions of some of the more evil tech terms, here is a Handout with a suspiciously daunting name. Algorithm

If you wanted a mind-map of technology in ELT – it’s here! New technology in language teaching

If you missed the session, here is the Worksheet


and here is the Handout.


Some people were interested in our new IWB one-day and two day training courses – you can access the information on our website. PSA Training days.

In the session, I think I mentioned my IWB SKILLS was lower than my KNOWLEDGE. That’s true! Mind you, there was a slight touch of irony there, too. Interpret the English phrase “I’m not quite an expert user” as “I’m actually pretty OK using this stuff in most situations”! We are a tad modest, after all. Thanks to Richard Turnbull who was there when the kit started to play up! In the continuing spirit of teacher development, I’m off to Cambridge to deepen my knowledge of IWB use now…..!!!

BELTE conference – handouts

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