Wow – what a conference! What can I say….?


A is for app and Andi, interviewer extraordinaire

B is for Brighton, beach, British Council bash

C is for coffee, curry

D is for Debate, digital and dogme

E is for English360

F is for friends, forums and Four Hundred ideas….

G is Gavin, Graham and games

H is for hotel a million miles away from the conference

I is for Interactive whiteboards and iPad

J is for junk food and (the wonderful) Jo

K is for kissing aforementioned friends

L is for launching of the new book at the LT event

M is for mobile learning – missing the Macmillan party

N is for networking

O is for organisation (amazing)

P is for Pecha Kucha, Petra Pointer, Prezi and PCE

Q is for questions

R is for research

S is for sun, sand, sea, software and Second Life

T is for Thai, technology and tweeting

U is for underwear (“Is your underwear authentic?” asked Jamie Keddie)

V is for virtual presentation from India and video

W is for whisky tasting and withdrawal symptoms

X is for xhaustion and xtraordinary

Y is for “Why must it end?”

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and a well-earned rest



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