10 reasons to buy our new book

1. It’s hot off the press. From conception to birth, this book, like a Usain Bolt of lightening, has broken all speed records. And that’s what you need in the fast-moving world of educational technology.

2. It has benefitted from multiple authors. Francis Jones is a trainer for Dragonfly and spent years training UK state school teachers in use of the board. Barney Barrett teaches business English and has given TLC to the PSA Smartboard since its arrival in his school. Teachers from a number of countries have sent in ideas. So throw a kush-ball at your whiteboard – how sexy is that? (Idea number 177)

3. It has benefitted from a crack editorial team. From our managing editor to the whole editorial team, the prose has been slapped around till it fairly hums like electricity on the page. I kid you not.

4. You already have a interactive whiteboard in your school. So – get more ideas for your teachers!

5. You might get an interactive whiteboard in your school. So – make sure the teachers have some  great ideas for using it!

6. You are waiting, before buying, for a huge, f***-off touch-screen monitor. Don’t worry – the will ideas all work with a huge, interactive touch-screen monitor. Oh yes, information will be updated on the web, most likely through free .pdfs on the Macmillan Books for Teachers site.

7. You have no interactive whiteboard at all. Remember that many ideas work with a simple lap-top and data projector set-up.

8. You have no intention of ever using an interactive whiteboard while there is still breath in your body. So, buy a copy and see what you are missing (memorable presentations; better language review; helpful for kinaesthetic learners….)

9. The cover is gorgeous. Sounds like a good enough reason to me! (Love the turbines)

10. There’s a discount at IATEFL for attendees of this Friday’s PCE. Just sashay to the Macmillan stand.

11. “It’s brilliant”. (Quote adapted from ‘Bend it like Beckham’ – originally said about Jasminder’s footballing prowess but equally applicable to our book). Yes, I know, I cannot count.

10 reasons to buy our new book

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