On Sunday I am making my second appearance at the Virtual Round Table organised by Heike Philp and her excellent team. There were a couple of IT issues last time that meant this is really my third appearance as I ended up repeating the talk last time. I think the technology has become reliable enough now that such virtual conferences have really come of age, and the idea that I can lead a workshop online from my little office in a little village on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, England is still quite surreal for me. While I probably still prefer a physical conference, the fact is that many people do not have the opportunity to attend the major conferences, so a virtual conference gives them this opportunity. And I have to say, I find the experience very enjoyable.

My presentation/workshop is an introduction to Moodle, so if you are interested, Google the Virtual Round Table and join in. There are lots of other interesting talks as well.

Virtual Round Table

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