Here’s a website that could prove very useful to business English teachers searching for high-level authentic listening material. {{link Public TV}} offers “fast and free access to high quality government, public sector, professional training, and business videos.”

It is the final category that is of interest. The site has a collection of professionals delivering presentations to audiences. Some of the videos are imbedded into the Public TV website a la YouTube while others are on external websites.

The drawbacks are the same as with any type of authentic material. There is no supporting material such as transcripts and some of the videos are quite long (up to an hour). However, these can be balanced against the shortage of “real” business listening for advanced learners.

The quality of the video and, more importantly the sound, is good but only if you have a fast Internet connection.

I have to thank my DOS, Louise Raven, whose, self-confessed random clicking uncovered this site.

For other websites with authentic listening see our {{link list}} in the Materials section.

Public TV – videos of authentic presentations

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