Wow – our events page is filling up…. fast!

We have added a number of new happenings recently….

Firstly, details of the South West Festival have come through – it looks like a brilliant programme at the Globe in Exeter next month (with Peter Moor, Luke Meddings, Nick Bilborough, Jeremy Walenn, Keith Harding, Helen Mattacott & Marc Almond all presenting). I’ve presented there before, but never at a one-day event like this…..

We are all pretty excited about organising our first mini-summit Madrid in May. It’s called: “New Dawn – the impact of Learning Technologies today“. The event is co-sponsored by Hitachi and Macmillan Spain.

Details are just coming through about the ACBEU conference in Salvador, Brazil in July. All very exciting and many thanks to Macmillan for sponsoring my plenary and workshop. How DO you spell caiparinja?

Check out more happenings on our Events page…Prague, London, Preston and of course, Brighton….

It looks like an exciting 2011 – more details  in our forthcoming Newsletter which has (metaphorically) just ‘gone to press’….watch this space!

PSA events….it’s all happening!

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