The second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary is being launched.

One of the jewels in the crown is the CD-ROM – the features are outstanding!

Watch this site for a review – coming shortly.

I will be incorporating information on this stunning new resource into talks at Attica (Paris) next week, as well as forthcoming talks in UK (Aberdeen, London) and Turkey.

Here is the start of the article on New Technology from the middle pages of MED2:

New technology

New words, phrases, and meanings enter the English language at an impressive rate. But many of them appear and then disappear just as fast. It is not always easy to predict which new items will stay, become integrated in the language, and finally enter the dictionary. The arrival of new words or expressions tends to be linked to social, political, and technological trends. For example, there are a lot of new words relating to climate change, and to alternative medical therapies. And of course, many relate to new technology, where things have changed significantly in the last 10-15 years, and are continuing to change very rapidly. The word podcast, for example, is already very common yet it only entered the English language in 2004.

[For the complete article, see: MED2 Dictionary and / or CD-ROM]

Launch of MED2

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