Two very different articles are published this month, on the same subject by the same author (Pete Sharma)

Article 1

The rise and rise of interactive whiteboards

I love my interactive whiteboard (IWB) and my students love it too”

“What’s the point of spending our budget on interactive whiteboards? Can you prove they make learning better?”

Once again, a battle rages in the world of language teaching. Although the IWB has come to symbolise and typify the ‘digital divide’, this is more than just a battle between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’,’

For the rest of this article, see: English Teaching Professional Issue 66 January 2010

Article 2

Ten things to do with an interactive whiteboard

As the virtual dust settles in the latest battle about interactive whiteboards (IWBs), – “to use or not to use?”- played out on on-line forums by passionate supporters and equally passionate detractors, Pete Sharma looks at ten things to do with….an IWB.

1 Don’t buy one

For the rest of this article, see: Modern English Teacher Volume 19 Number 1 January 2010


Interactive Whiteboards – two new articles

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