Tomorrow sees the English UK Academic Conference. Barney Barrett will be presenting. His session is called “Bringing language to life with interactive whiteboards” in Liverpool, home of the Beatles.

We spoke just yesterday about the session. We are both excited about using IWBs. How do you feel about them? Do they have something to offer the language teacher and learner? For some teachers, their reaction to using the hardware and software is quite simple: “I feel fine”. For others, quickly discouraged, it’s much more a case of ‘Hello, Goodbye’ when it comes to changing their classroom practice. The commonest reaction from teachers with a new board is: “Help!”

There are of course many complex reasons for that: perhaps the hardware provider has delivered the board, installed the software, done the initial training but is now nowhere, man, despite the empty cry of the Director of Studies to get back. Fret not. We can work it out. Barney’s session will effectively be a magical mystery tour of amazing graphics, a veritable digital revolution. Like-minded teachers will come together in a spirit of enquiry. After the session, I am sure it will be a case of: here comes the sun. After all, all you need is… an IWB. We are sure you will enjoy the session!

IWB workshop – English UK conference, Liverpool

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