Pete and I have been working on an up-dated version of the site which will (fingers-crossed) go live some time in the next seven days.

On the surface it won’t look very different from the current version. All the material that is currently on the site will be retained. We are condensing all materials for teaching and learning into a single section as well as sorting every article that constitutes a review into a separate section. We will give overviews and highlight the strengths of new, computer-based materials. We plan to provide as many screen grabs as possible since a picture is worth several paragraphs of description. This new review section should grow quickly as many new coursebooks are arriving on the shelves packaged with integral multi-ROMs and DVDs are gradually beginning to appear as the latest computer-based materials combine high-quality video with interactive exercises.

We will also be placing more emphasis on services we can offer you, whether you are teacher, DOS, school manager or school owner and feel you need some guidance in the use of technology for teaching English.

The blog will continue and is going to acquire an RSS feed to help you keep track of our thoughts and additions to the site (such as new podcasts and other materials).

As always, we welcome any comments, ideas, even corrections, so feel free to click on {{link Contact}} and get in touch.

Coming soon – a NEW, IMPROVED version of

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