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In 2012 Macmillan’s monthly e-lessons will¬†be based¬†on¬†an article by myself, Pete Sharma, for you to use in class. Each¬†article will investigate something topical to the business world and provide links for further research, information and discussion.

These articles will offer you flexibility in how you use them. Whether they form the basis of a reading lesson, a discussion activity, vocabulary presentation or extra homework you’ll find them an invaluable, relevant and practical tool for your business English teaching.

The first article is called ‘Blue Monday’.

The third Monday of the year is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year, partly due to the weather (in the UK, anyway!) and the fact that our personal debt is usually high just after Christmas.

For the rest of this lesson idea and a pdf of the article  available for you to download and share with your students, see:


Blue Monday: new business English lesson idea from Macmillan

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