I just popped up to the new Macmillan author blog…

nice to read the following entry from Sarah about IATEFL Brighton (please forgive bolding of key words):

There was a huge buzz on the Macmillan stand about Jim Scrivener’s 3rd Edition of Learning Teaching, and 400 Ideas for the IWB (Pete Sharma, Barney Barrett and Francis Jones’ great new book) – with both titles flying off the shelves.

sigh….yes….as good as it gets…. Haagen Daas dulce de leche, Nick Cave duettting with Polly Jean, caiparinjas in Rio, tequila sunrise in Monterey, infinite clone tool, wild mushroom soup…… your latest ouevre flying off the shelves………….:-)

(not bad, as it’s not due out till later this month…)

So – OK,  here’s a sneak view of part of my own author blog entry:

“My favourite question to teachers at recent conferences worldwide is: “Do you teach with an interactive whiteboard?” Watch those hands shoot up in Brazil: watch them stay down in Germany. While all UK state schools have embraced IWBs, Swiss cantons will take years to decide whether or not to invest in IWBs. (Money’s no problem). When the decision comes, we’ll all be talking about something else! The interactive whiteboard, more than any other technology, has come to represent the digital divide. Some teachers have one; others don’t; some use portable ones (e-beams, mimios), others improvise with a wii remote.

After Mexico’s recent massive investment in IWBs, there’s little surprise that my own company (Pete Sharma Associates) has hooked up with Red Nova (the training arm of Macmillan Mexico) to provide blended teacher training courses in ICT. Teachers are hungry for ideas; their students will surely benefit. Now, teachers and teacher trainers can be supported by a new book…”


Woo hoo……..400 Ideas ‘flies off the shelves’…….

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