When I first heard this question, I was shocked. Upon refelection, it helped me realise the gulf between the so-called ‘digital naitives’ and the older generation, brought up on sequenced syllabi….

There can be little doubt that the components of an ELT course are changing: in the classroom, outside the classroom, for the student, for the teacher, for the author, for the publisher. …

All the major ELT publishers are investing a great deal of time and resources training their in-house staff in the development of digital materials. But who is training the freelancers?

If you are (perchance) a freelance ELT editor or author, do you know how to create, develop and edit these new materials and how to manage the new delivery methods?

If you are worried about being left behind as the ELT world goes digital, then we may have just the course for you….

Pete Sharma and Byron Russell of Pete Sharma Associates are leading thinkers and practitioners in ELT digital development. They have teamed up with experienced ELT publishers, project managers and writers, Rafael Alarcon-GaetaNick RobinsonJill Florent and Des O’Sullivan to develop a two-day training course for freelance ELT publishing professionals.

The aims of the course are to examine digital products and processes and to future-proof our skills so that we keep pace with the changes in the publishing industry.

Feedback from the twelve participants on the Sept 2010 course was enthusiastic. The course also led directly to employment opportunities from a publisher interested in the participants as people with relevant knowledge of digital processes. So, read on for information on our next course………

Future-proofing your ELT publishing skills in the digital age

When? 21 and 28 May 2011 (9.00–17.30)

Where? The Oxford English Centre, 66 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PR

How many participants? 12 maximum

How much? £300+VAT

Interested? For more information, please contact:

Jill Florent (jill.florent@btinternet.com) or

Des O’Sullivan (desmond.osullivan@ntlworld.com).

Want to sign up? To book a place on the course, please contact man-about-town:

Byron Russell (byron.russell@psa.eu.com).

Places on the course will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. So act now … and book your place in the digital future…..

Click here to download draft programme:  Future_Proofing_May_2011_programme


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