400 Ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards

Pete Sharma

This webinar will not cover ‘400 Ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards’. It will, however, look at a number of practical teaching ideas, and explore how the IWB has changed our approach to way we teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; how we deal with the four language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing; and finally, ideas for language games. The session will also cover hardware and software and mention a key publication in the field which focuses on theory and research, complementing the latest book (400 Ideas) in the Macmillan Books for Teachers series. The session is aimed at both experienced IWB users and those new to the technology. Many of the practical ideas in this presentation can be used with a simple lap-top and data projector.

Visit: http://www.macmillanenglish.com/BlankTemplate.aspx?id=43108

Webinar – Wednesday 7th December – 400 Ideas for Using IWBs

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