I was just asked for a list of the Top Ten software choices for Businss English learners. After some soul-searching, this is what I came up with:


-Oxford Business English Dictionary CD-ROM

-Macmillan English Dictionary – Second edition


-Telephoning in English (CUP)

-Business Presentations (York Associates)

-Business Writing (York Associates)


-The Business DVD-ROM (Macmillan)

-English 365 whiteboard software (CUP)

-In Company (series of CD-ROMs, Macmillan)

-Business Profile (OUP)


Macmillan English Campus

I’ve tried to stay away from General English stuff – but feel all BE learners need a dictionary (hence MED2 – it also has a words in ESP search function)

There are restrictions on Campus availability, so a compromise would be a sub-section (this is like High Fidelity!! Film reference – Jack Black) where they could get two Macmillan products instead:

Language Games (General English, but fun)
Move (for the electronic vocabulary notebook feature)

Best on pronunciation is likely to be new CD-ROM from CUP (English pronunciation in use)

Anything you would add? Mail us with you own thoughts and comments – or Top 10!

Top ten – software for Business English

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