Ever felt like sliding down a chute in order to get to the cafeteria? If so, then the latest Business English e-lesson from Macmillan will be to your taste. It’s called ‘The wacky office’ – a place where employees…slide down a chute in order to grab a bite to eat. So, slide on up to the web, print and go!

The wacky office

3 thoughts on “The wacky office

  • 13 November 2008 at 21:59

    Hi Pete,
    loved the wacky office lesson and will definitely enjoy trying it out with some of my classes. Where did you actually take the radio transcript from?

  • 14 November 2008 at 16:10

    HI Helen
    Thanks for this great comment!
    The transcript is (like all the e-lessons) written by the author (moi), so it isn’t anything which is authentic or needs sourcing
    really glad you enjoyed reading it and hope it works well with your students!

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