The fourth edition of Jeremy Harmer’s well-known ‘The Practice of English Language Teaching’ is now available from Longman.

We are happy to say that it is has been updated in the area of technology, with a new section looking at Educational Technology. Also, it’s nice to see the online version of the MED screen graphic – although note that this dictionary is only available to those who buy the paperback / hardback.

However, the world of publishing and technology moves quickly! So, just to update one sentence:

‘At the time of writing, by far the best guide to information technology and how to use it in and outside the classroom for the benefit of language tecahers and students is G Dudeney and N Hockly (2007)’.

The ‘time of writing’ is now gone, and it’s not the only one! Check out: Blended Learning

Happy reading!

The Practice of English Language Teaching (Harmer)

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