It was a great night, from the red carpet treatment meted out by Luke Meddings welcoming us to our final spilling out into the hot London night…….proceedings started by Michael Carrier, then risque humour from the compare without compere, Scott (D-D-Don’t mention the D-word) Thornbury [see foto].

Worth if for the look on Nik Peachey’s face – he was just behind me – when he heard Bell had won for most innovative course (Blended, naturally).

The best moment was Graham Stanley’s impersonation of the invisible man, outdoing Claude Rains himself, as Kyle Mawer (below) held the fort with his acceptance speech for the ELTon for Teacher’s Resources for their book Digital Play. Please see a rare photo of Graham actually appearing – see below.

Congrats to all in the Macmillan team who (IMHO) deservedly won an ELTon for Sounds,….. and I should know as I have reviewed it for ELTJ (Forthcoming).

I liked the idea of there being no losers (not in the sense of a European Cup Final for example) and win or not, you always have the term ‘Nominated for….’.

Lots of interesting digital stuff which I hope to explore…..a great night and thanks to all concerned!



The ELTons: a night to remember

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