“The world’s tallest building” is the title of the 100th E-lesson. It has been a brilliant experience writing them all and cutting my teeth as an author. Many thanks to David Riley who was an inspiration behind the launch. There are now over 70,000 subscribers worldwide. The lesson is really a joint venture and thanks must go to the brilliant editors – originally Erika Vivers and now Darina Richter and on occasions Karen White, and the Internet and technical team at Macmillan. Before this gets like an Oscar speech, thanks also to the man behind the scenes who reads all the drafts and then moulds and tweaks as appropriate – co-author Barney Barrett. Can anyone remember the title of the first e-lesson? If you haven’t subscribed, then visit:
{{link http://www.businessenglishonline.net/profile/emailservice.asp Macmillan Business English Online}}.

The 100th E-lesson!

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