It is impossible to forget the first moment of going on line, of connecting to the Internet. Like your first kiss, it stays with you forever. My first experience of surfing was at a teacher training workshop in Wolverhampton, with Paul Brett (a lecturer and multimedia author) in charge of the proceedings. It began a ten-year love affair with technology.

This article tracks my personal odyssey through new technology: web based materials; on-line learning and the virtual school; and my arrival at the “blended learning” model. It finishes with some surprising conclusions.

The complete article “Technology-enhanced language learning: a personal odyssey” by Pete Sharma will appear in {{link English Teaching Professional}} early 2006.

Technology-enhanced language learning: a personal odyssey

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    I want to write a thesis about the impact of incorporating audio material into English Course in an EFL context. Hence I need some articles regarding the matter.

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