Wow. This was the fastest & shortest time for me at  a conference! Veni, vidi, presenti, departi…..

It was good to catch Luciano Camino for 4.5 nano seconds. It was good to watch Nicky Hockly on digital literacies

Thanks to Jennifer Vershoor who guided me through the labyrinthine complex of the wondrous mall where the Pro-T conference was held…..

Thanks to Juan Carlos Lorenzo (of Macmillan) who supplied much – needed vittals, femto seconds before my talk

Then – the classic moment from hell where I could see the background of my Mac projected behind me, but not the Promethean screen. Arrrgh….. then, it was vice versa  – when the participants could see the screen, but I couldn’t operate it from my laptop!!

So what could a poor boy do? Apart from sing for a rock and roll band, I described what would do if I could demo the technology! Inventive, or what…the only alternative – curl into a foetal ball and fall off-stage

The audience (it seemed to me) were many miles away, in the recesses of the theatre

Still, with the confidence that comes from knowing the audience were with me, the presentation picked up momentum and ended up bringing great fun!

I promise I WILL post a copy of the article 10 things to do with an IWB– the, er, polite printable version….

Thanks to the amazing photographer who captured me in action!

Also to Maria who kindly bought the book 400 ideas – lovely! Hope it helps you – I was happy to sign it!!

Great experience, if a bit fast – like many things in life. I have been trying to bñog this for a WEEK or more, but life keeps getting in the way! Oh well……more soon…..

Pro-T conference

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