Woke up to the sound of the postman delivering this door-stop-size new dictionary….within seconds of finishing my Shreddies the CD-ROM was loaded on my desk-top. I mean, where else would you start looking at a new lexicon? Dove straight into the iWriter and can already see some templates for writing which will make the lives of my academic writing students easier. Notice the Genie is still called the Genie and that a thesaurus has been added. The arrival of a new dictionary from the Big 4 or 5 UK publishers is always an event worth celebrating, although the price tag on this one seems a tad high at over twenty-five pounds. That’s pounds sterling, not weight.

Will no doubt explore the delights of this new dictionary over the coming weeks in advance of reviewing it for the Reviews in brief column in the EL Gazette.  I love being a reviewer, although there is now a car in our garage (bizarre concept) which rather cuts down on the space available for books. Maybe I should sell my burgeoning ELT library and get an e-book reader?

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary – 8th Edition

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