After weeks of planning, the author team of 400 Ideas is delighted to announce that their mp4 video is now available for viewing.

Title: 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards

Click here to view the video on YouTube

The authors wish to dedicate this video (vaguely) to Francois Truffaut for inspiring the title (book originally entitled: “Les quatre cent coups”), which was made in true auteur tradition.

Overview (warning: contains spoilers)

The video follows the 1995 epic structure of Four Rooms; each Chapter of the book is vividly dissected by the corresponding author. Following in the steps of David Lynch, the directors of the film use a handheld digital camera, supplied in our case by the Cisco kid. Following in the steps of Martin Scorsese, we include rare footage of Francis Jones, shot on location in South Wales.

The whole mp4, which lasts under six minutes (five minutes fifty-five seconds), was sewn together in Camtasia Studio.

Please note that the soundtrack is neither by Angelo Badalamenti nor Alberto Iglesias; it is not available on Decca. Do not expect to hear more about this meisterwerke at Oscar time.

Please DO watch this video if you are:

(a) wondering what the book is about

(b) wishing to see the author team in action

(c) wanting to get a good idea of using screen-capture software.


New author-produced video introduces 400 Ideas…..

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