Hovering around the Macmillan stand at BESIG last weekend, I was asked: “What’s your favourite thing about your new book?”

Without thinking, I said: “the unique ‘Social planner’ at the back.” This isĀ where students can combine the power of print with the fixed sentence head (“I was born in…”), and the power of the pen, writing in their unique personalised ending (“… Pune / Rio / Vladivostock”). The students finish the book with a checklist of key utterances to review before being thrust into their next social encounter.

I also like theĀ subtleĀ message of the needs analysis circle,Ā suggesting that when all pieces of the jig-saw puzzle are in place, you areĀ a good socialiser.

Barney saw theĀ book for the first time last night, and no doubt has his own favourite bits! Don’t worry, it won’t be long before it hits the bookshelves……

Networking in Poznan

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