It was a great conference in Salford yesterday! I really enjoyed the three elective sessions I attended.

RICHARD GRESSWELLĀ  showed us some impressiveĀ  videos made by his ESOL students. He spoke about his new video-sharing site:

JESSICA FRYE showed a couple of brilliant short films, both silent, to use with learners

Both are avilable on YouTube. One ‘split screen’ – ‘The wrong side of the bed’

The other the award-winning ‘Black Hole’

PHIL BIRD andĀ  MIKE HARRSION,Ā  in their session on differentiated learning showed some interesting tools andĀ sites for students,Ā including:

Telescopic texts


A big thanks to everyone who came to my session.

Here is the lite-version of the Power Point:


Here is the answer to the Vocabulary frequency exercise

Using the star system as outlined in the Macmillan English Dictionary:

nod (verb) is red, three star; rob is red, two star; nomination is red, one star; fracture is the black word

frame as noun is two star; as a verb it is one star

It was great meeting professional acquaintances – some from way back – and catching up! I won’t mention the food – brilliant: a huge thumbs up the caterers……:-)

NATESOL Manchester

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