Well, this is the first working day after NATE, and I am looking back at the week in St. Petersburg. Apart from the logistical nightmare that involved last-minute visa applications, an adventure holiday for two children and their two friends, travel and accommodation for the trip to Russia and travelling around 4 hours in each direction to the children’s holiday location, it was quite amazing! Everything went so smoothly, it was a little surreal.

My wife has visited the National Association of Teachers of English in Russia conference for the last 6 years I think, so I have heard lots about it and about the people there. It was everything I expected: a range of talks and workshops and some really nice people in a very nice city. What particularly impressed me though was the way that the leaders of NATE clearly view their job as one of a professional association and are thinking about how they can promote their profession to all stakeholders. I don’t always find this to be the case in other associations.

All in all, a very positive experience. Had some great food, the weather was beautiful and I met some wonderful people who I hope to get the opportunity to meet again soon.

NATE 2019 review

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