Great afternoon at the Learning Technologies event in Olympia, London, which I enjoyed with long-time collaborator and friend Barney Barrett.

Guess Barney and I are classroom teachers at heart, so no surprise that in this age of online learning, our first stop was at a tool which can enrich the classroom, originally derived from the Smartboard. Nureva Span was the first piece of kit which caught our eye – a kind of ‘interactive wall’ which operates with a ceiling-mounted data-projector. The working surface is three metres wide, and you can scroll along a 40 foot canvas, add text and screen shots.

Find out more about this so-called ‘visual collaboration system’ which can be accessed from individual devices at:

Collaboration is possible between students in-class and remote participants. We didn’t dare ask the price, but assume it’ll be similarly eye-watering.

More posts on this event to follow next week, when I’ll be writing about VR……

Learning Technologies: visual collaboration system

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