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Technology and business English: a new series of blog posts written for Linguarama by Pete Sharma

I am delighted to launch a new series of blog posts, starting December 2011, written for the language training organisation marcus evans Linguarama. These posts are available to everyone in the language teaching profession on the Linguarama blog.

Over the coming months, this series of posts will be looking at technology in language teaching, along with other aspects of business English and language teaching.

Here are some of the areas the posts will focus on:

1. Apps to improve your language learning

2. Business English on the move: how mobile devices can help you

3. Storing your new vocabulary electronically

4. Best websites for studying business English

5. Why tweet?

6. Linguarama Connect

7. Sounds: a new pronunciation app to help you

8. What is Blended Learning?

Visit the Linguarama blog to read this exciting new series of blog posts at: You can also subscribe to the blog.

Launching December – new blog post series on technology

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