I’ve been having a start-of-year clean out and came across a piece of paper with the address of the Changing Minds website. I had clearly found and used this resource some time last year to provide a learner with some advanced negotiating language but then filed the piece of paper away somewhere “safe” and forgotten about it. I’ve just had another look to remind myself of why I had found it interesting.

The website has a large collection of very short essays on persuading people and, as is clear from the title, changing their minds. What is interesting for the English language teacher and learner is the example phrases the writers suggest you use to achieve your ends as well as general tips on what sort of language is persuasive.

As always, it is a website you can use for providing language and inspiration or something you can recommend to the learner to use outside the classroom or after their course.

Language for negotiating – website of the month

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