Suddenly realised that I have yet to post my first thoughts and experiences of using an interactive whiteboard. This is probably more a result having too much fun learning to use it and not spending enough time recording what I’ve done.

Setting the board up had been one area that I’d been nervous about. This as due to having seen a demonstration of an IWB some years ago in which the presentor struggled to persuade the device to do what he wanted before an expectant but fidgety audience.

In fact, this may have been an unusual event. The board I’m using has yet to find a permanent home and so often has to set up and rolled out of the way separate from the projector after each outing. Once the hardware has been positioned (the projector is also on a wheeled trolley), the orientation program is easy to run. Nine points on the board have to be selected using one of the pens and the board is ready to go. It’s almost too easy.

More to come soon.

IWB: set-up

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