It goes without saying that the majority of EFL teachers are also writers.

Many of us have ambitions to be published, or (increasingly) to publish themselves, but it’s a big wide world out there and budding writers – with whatever goal they ultimately have in mind – need support and advice.

With a group of colleagues (Karen Spiller, Karen White, Sue Kay, Jill Florent and Nick Robinson) we’re putting together a new IATEFL SIG group for all who are interested in exploring ways to write better materials, either for your own class or for wider publication. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to writing or an experienced author with practical knowledge to share – whichever end of the spectrum, this SIG is for you.

MaW SIG – yes, that’s its name – will share and promote best practice among authors and materials writers, encourage new authors, and disseminate information regarding professional writing opportunities among members.

There is no commitment (financial or otherwise!) needed at this stage, just register your interest and we’ll do the rest. If you feel this new SIG could be for you, email us on and we’ll be in touch! And watch out for us at IATEFL Liverpool 2013!

Byron Russell

Interested in Writing EFL Material? This new SIG is for You!

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