I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged this before but was reminded of it today as a colleague and I tried to find a English-Spanish translation for an obscure¬†business term. So, I thought it was worth a (second) mention.

In our first book, The Internet in Business English, we listed the EuroDicAutom as a useful translation website. It was designed to help translators working for the European Union find reliable translations of technical terms by searching a database of previously translated documents.

Inter Active Terminology for EuropeWith the most recent enlargement of the EU, this website needed to be up-dated because of the extra official languages of the new member states. The result is the IATE – Inter Active Terminology for Europe website. It’s free to use and very straight-forward to¬†operate.¬†It can be a life-saver when dealing with highly specific technical and business terms that you can’t explain to your learners or vice verse and could also become something that you can recommend to European learners to use outside the classroom.

Inter Active Terminology for Europe

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