What a great day.

It began with a workshop on QR codes -used to create interactive paper- based materials. No contradiction in terms!

There was a plenary talk on research in India on CALL / ICT / TELL which led nicely into my own keynote.

This was recorded and streamed live over the web.

Another lovely lunch outside, then it was Amy Lightfoot on a project to develop content for mobiles.

The unconference was a truly incredible experience! First, we hooked up with Nicky Hockly in London. Then, we lost all electrical power! We got it back. It went again. We got it back.

We had questions from the audience, about the digital divide, about restricted access to Internet. There we a complaint about institutions banning the use of mobiles and social media sites like Facebook. At this point the head of the local institution came charging down to give the official viewpoint! What a moment – real change in action!

When I get home, I will add links & fotos.

An amazing conference – thanks to Graham Stanley for initiating it, to Kalyan, Nicky, the British
council, the local organisers – so many memories, such a great occasion.

IndiaCALL- Day 2