ict-in-eapI’m really excited about launching a new blog. It’s called ICT in EAP and focuses on uses of new technology specific to English for Academic Purposes.

Why a new blog?

I felt strongly that ICT has permeated so many aspects of English for Academic Purposes that I wanted to see what it would be like gathering all the technologies in a central place.

I was inspired by Philip Kerr’s blog on Adaptive Learning. It was started initially to support a series of talks on this topic, as an interactive Handout. Now I’m off to Venezuela to give a series of talks in Universities in Venezuela on ICT in EAP. So, this blog is the interactive Handout to accompany this series talks…. and beyond.


I went to most of the tech sessions at the recent BALEAP conference in Leicester to gather input. Slowly and surely, I’m adding to the blog posts and trying to amass a load of useful sources.

Here are some of the current areas it covers: Apps / Concordancers / e-Books / Feedback / Google Docs / MOOCs / Note-taking software / Plagiarism-detecting software / Presentation tools / Referencing software /Search engines / VLE / Voting tools and wikis

If there’s anything missing you’d like included, just drop me a mail.

The blog will continue to grow over the coming days, weeks and months

Please give it a visit at: www.ictineap.com

That’s an easy to remember URL if there ever was one!

ICT in EAP – new website

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