Tablets are the place to be right now. I am, of course, delighted with my iPad 2 – a constant companion which really has changed the way I work and play (or at least made both much easier). Newest kid on the block – which might just rival the Apple machine and its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy – is the Nexus 7 from Google. The Nexus looks sleek and appealing, and is more pocketable that some of its competitors with a screen size of 7 inches (17.8 cms) – roughly the same size as the Galaxy or indeed the Amazon Kindle. It runs the latest version of Android (which rejoices in the name of Jelly Bean) and comes with Google Chrome as its standard browser. US, UK, Canada and Australia will be the launch territories for the new tablet in mid-July.

Best of all, it will have a UK price tag of just £159 (8GB version). Much more flexible than the Kindle, I know which I would rather spend money on. In fact I’m already lining it up as possible birthday present material – which I couldn’t financially consider with the iPad (so of course the kids just borrow mine). Check out the full story at the BBC.


Google announces the Nexus 7

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