The latest EL Gazette describes the ‘birth’ of Summertown Publishing. Melanie Butler interviews Louis. Here is one intriguing extract (adapted):

It was business English that inspired Garnade ..(to) take up yet another new career: book publishing. It is all Pete Sharma’s fault. Sharma, a well-known business English guru (as well as the editor of the Gazette’s reviews in brief) asked Louis to read a manuscript he had written on CD-ROM. ‘I’d value your opinion,’ said Sharma. ‘If you like it I’m going to send it to one of the major ELT publishers.’ Louis didn’t just like it, he loved it. ‘Tell you what Pete,’ he said. ‘If the majors don’t like it, I’ll publish it myself.’ ‘Why don’t you do that anyway?’ said Sharma. And the next thing you know the flying Dutchman had done just that.

To read the complete interview, see the latest Gazette or visit: An interview with Louis Garnade.

Flying Dutchman – Melanie Butler interviews Summertown's Louis Garnade

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