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As you may know, this podcast is recorded with 4 people in different locations. Sometimes this might mean the audio quality is not as high as we would like, but we feel it is important to provide the spontaneous experience that we aim for. We hope you will have some understanding for those sections where the audio quality is reduced.


It is 21 June, 2019. Welcome to episode 2 of the Delivering Development podcast, helping language teachers and others in the field to enhance their professional development. My name is Kevin Westbrook, and with me today are Neil Bullock, Laura Styles and Pete Sharma.

Kevin introduced the first slot, speaking about his views of what constitutes professional development and his attitude to it. There was then a discussion involving everybody.

This was followed by the Tech Tips section. The links for the tips are below:

Kevin – information management


Pete – reviewing vocabulary with apps

Oxford English Vocabulary training –¬†¬†

Quizlet –¬†¬†

A complete version of Pete’s practical idea ‘Reviewing vocabulary with apps’ can be found in ‘Best Practices for Blended Learning’ pp 161-163¬†

Neil –¬†using YouTube, an example from aviation

Laura –¬† participating in forums

After the tips, Neil introduced a discussion on needs analyses, why they are important and practical issues. This is a link to a description of the 12 principles he mentioned:

And this is the full reference of the book they come from:

Brown, H. D. (2002). ‚ÄúEnglish language teaching in the ‚Äúpost-method‚ÄĚ era:¬†Toward better diagnosis, treatment, and¬†assessment‚ÄĚ, in J.C. Richards¬†and¬†W.¬†A.¬†Renandya,¬†Methodology¬†in¬†Language¬†Teaching:¬†An¬†Anthology¬†of¬†Current¬†Practice,¬†Cambridge:¬†Cambridge¬†University¬†Press, pp. 9-18.

Pete’s publication was ‘Best Practices for Blended Learning’, which can be found here:

Here is a link to an independent review of the book: 

… and some free materials related to the book: 

And here  is the link to EL Gazette, where Pete has a regular review column

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Episode 2

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