Wow – a cracking issue of the latest Business Issues has just landed on my doormat. Read sage words from the joint co-ordinator, Paul East, who is also (incidentally) a Director of PSA. Interesting stuff from sooo many writers …. Maurice Claypole, Barry Tomalin, Cleve Miller, Evan Frendo, James Schofield, Bob Dignen, Sheila Thorn, Jamie Keddie…..:-)

On the tech front, Karenne Sylvester writes about authentic videos and also suggests some interesting blogs. Just in case you were mildly perturbed that it may have disappeard, your favourite Learning Technologies page is there in all its glory, written by Barney Barrett & myself….and (as if all the above ain’t enough) the photos of the authors & contributions throughout are most sexy. Beg, steal or borrow a copy now……………….

Business Issues

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