I recently had a chance to put my money where my mouth is. During a training session just before Christmas, I wondered out loud whether the company I work for should set up a wiki to allow teachers and DoSs in our schools all over Europe to share materials and ideas and collaborate in joint-projects. In January, our senior pedagogical director came to me saying “let’s do it”.

WikispacesWe have chosen to use www.wikispaces.com and have opted for a protected version so that no one outside the company can gain access to whatever we place on the wiki.

As with many projects of this nature, a certain amount of planning before we started to create pages has paid off. We planned the overall structure, discussed who would use it and how and laid down some guidelines for use that will allow us to police the wiki when it “goes live”. As a result, the building has been stress-free and relatively rapid.

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In fact, for a number of reasons, our first newsletter will not now feature an article about building the wiki. Sorry about that. However, our second one, later in the year will, plus a progress report on how the wiki is being used. So, please still go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter now so as not to miss out on that. (added 11 March 2008)

Come back to blog in a couple of weeks to find out what happens when we show the wiki to the Directors of Study of our 20 plus schools.

Building a wiki
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