BETT in a nutshell – one-minute report

Last Friday I went to the BETT (British Education and Training Technology) show at Excel. In a nutshell:

It was overwhelming this year – it seems bigger than ever. That meant the queue at Costa was longer than ever, too

IWBs – the number of simultaneous users was up to TEN! Crikey…


My two favourite stop-offs were:

Imaginality Learning

Picked up some ‘paddles’ which I’ve held in front of the web-cam on my laptop to produce 3D virtual reality images of the planets, dinosaurs, a skeleton…

and FlashSticks®

Vocab Post It notes. When a FlashStick note is viewed through a mobile phone / tablet camera, a video of a tutor will appear show you exactly how to pronounce the word.

Was all the madness and mayhem worthwhile? Definitely…

BETT in a nutshell – a ‘one-minute’ report

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