Just left another great conference.

The Pre-conference event I ran on materials went smoothly – huge thanks to both Macmillan English Campus and English 360 for skillfully handling the hands-on workshop part.

I heard Mark Powell was his usual brilliant self

It was great to do the session on Mobile Learning this morning, and that Gavin Dudeney was in the audience, an authority on the topic. I enjoyed introducing him with the nomeclature ‘Il Duderino’ if you are not into the whole brevity thing – a homage to the Big Lebowski and strictly coded for fansĀ everywhere…

The debate was great – great points made by all concerned – Candy did dogme without the use of published materials & Evan did a great speech “Frendos, Romans and Countrymen…”. Some illuminating arguments…

Carl Dowse on YouTube was a highlight for me….cannot wait to go the BESIG wiki and download that session…

So, goodbye fast ICE trains and hello Blighty

This is Pete Sharma, at BESIG Bielefeld, signing out


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  • 21 November 2010 at 22:15


    It was a great conference – well-organised and with some very interesting content. Shame you missed Mark – he was entertaining and informative and a great morning plenary.

    Thanks for putting up with me in your session – it’s a new area, so there’s always something to learn and I enjoyed the conversation.

    Wouldn’t mind being as cool as Bridges in The Big Lebowski, but sadly that’s not the case! Whatever, though – the Dude abides…


    • 29 November 2010 at 19:12

      Hi Sheila
      lovely to see you
      thanks SO much for your kind message
      see you again soon, I hope!

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