TEFL-ers have a terrible choice to make this week. Do they go to Paris for TESOL, or Stuttgart for BESIG? Stuttgart weather over the weekend is sunny on Saturday and cloudy Sunday, with an average temperature of 11 degrees. Much the same as Paris, though rain is forecast for Sunday. In Stuttgart you have some fine extra curricular activities, especially if you like cars, beer and speck. Paris is a tad more sophisticated. Also more than a tad more expensive.

In terms of events, both have excellent programmes and a chance to meet up with great people. As I cannot clone myself (am still working on it) I’ve opted for BESIG.

Gavin Dudenay is giving the keynote at BESIG, and there’s the¬†David¬†Riley Award presentation to look forward to. Cleve Miller will be there so if you’re interested in English360 (and who isn’t?) his talk will be one to watch out for. The excellent Mike Hogan will be talking about simulations, and Marjorie Rosenberg about the¬†increasingly¬†popular BEC Vantage exam. Our very own Pete Sharma will be speaking on “Apptivites for Business English” (snappy title). The effervescent Jo Grieg from Macmillan will be talking all about “Busy Business”, and she¬†should¬†know if anyone does. If you are interested in writing professionally, go along to Nick Robinson’s session on¬†getting¬†yourself published. The full programme – if you haven’t got it already – is here:


And if you really have to be in Paris (say hello to Bethany Cagnol for me) you don’t have to miss all the fun of Stuttgart –¬†BESIG will be broadcasting a series of live talks (for the programme click¬†here).

Wherever¬†you’re¬†going¬†this weekend, have fun!


BESIG or TESOL? A fun weekend, either way!

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