We are absolutely delighted that the manuscript of our next ouevre has gone to the lay-out and design people. The book is a team effort consisting of four major strands, A-D.  Barney is responsible for a lot of the ideas in the first strand of the book, section A, which looks at integrating  the powerful and exciting tools we can use in teaching today run through an IWB. The second strand of the book, section B, looks at integrating the software tools provided by the manufacturer (Smart, Promethean et al), and is predominantly the work of enthusiast and wizard trainer Francis Jones. The third strand of the book, section C, looks at integrating the digital course book into the language classroom, and is the result of my own love affair with ‘whiteboardable software’. The fourth and final strand of the book, section D, looks at creating your own material for using on an IWB. There are additional  ideas contributed by experts and practitioners  in a variety of teaching situations, plus eight Case Studies. We cannot wait to see the first proofs, and to keep you in a mildy delirious state of AN-TIC-I-PA……TION, please enjoy the fabby cover!!!

400 Activities for Interactive Whiteboards

3 thoughts on “400 Activities for Interactive Whiteboards

  • 9 December 2010 at 09:52

    Great to see the book is about real practical ways to enhance learning with IWBs (by the looks of it) , rather than more tiresome should we/shouldn’t we arguments.

    Looking forward to it.


  • 9 December 2010 at 21:32

    Thanks Johanna

    it was fascinating doing this – we sort of went: OK – you’ve got one (an IWB) so what are you gonna do with it…

    (as opposed to: eeek – can it enhance learning etc etc)

    we cannot wait to see the fruits of our labour made print!

    cu in Madrid


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